Sirix Web Trader

It’s all about community

Everyone knows that the strength of the social network is measured by its size and level of activity. Sirix grants you access to a large, active social trading community of Forex traders. You will enjoy looking for more seasoned experts to copy and follow, and can easily see how they measure up against other traders on the network.

The Web-based Forex Platform that works everywhere

Instant Access to all the tools your traders demand. Sirix has been rebuilt in HTML5 and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. You choose your preferred trading environment: a sleek black professional work-space or a bright white backdrop.

Seamless Social Trading

Sirix empowers you to stay informed about the markets with seamlessly-integrated social trading.

You can easily execute trades with one-click trading in Sirix. The streamlined user-friendly interface allows you to open a position without delay.

Sirix comes with built-in advanced indicators and charting. In addition, more than 30 popular indicators have been added to give you an edge on the market.