Trading Conditions

  • Spreads are indicated in Value.
  • No Commissions – except ECN accounts – MTI24 earns on each Forex trade from a mark-up embedded in the spread, which is the difference between the bid price and the ask price.
  • Fractional Pips – We offer clients fractional pips, that are up to 10 times more precise, to take advantage of smaller price movements.

Please note that the indicative spreads as shown in the trading platforms are only relevant for top of the book. For ticket size greater than $1m, execution spreads can get significantly widened by two or three times.

Any commissions or fees are rounded up to the maximum accuracy available by the client’s platform.
Swap charges and trading hours for each instrument can be found in the trading platforms. Please note that on certain day swaps charges are triple. If you need any further information on how to find them please feel free to contact us.

Average Spreads are applicable under normal trading conditions. It is possible that during high volatility, news time or outside regular trading hours that the spreads may be increased. Variable Spreads are indicative spreads and when market is volatile spreads can sometimes be significantly widened. For more details contact us directly.

Expiry contracts will not automatically be rolled to the new contracts.

Once a contract expires it will be manually closed as per the expiry rate provided by our Liquidity Provider.

Please note that the expiry rate in the Liquidity Provider can differ from the expiry rate as shown in the trading platform.

Accounts created under Fixed Spreads Groups can face rejections when trying to open/close trades in periods when the spread in the market is higher than the fixed spreads they have.